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The Nairobi Hospital’s vision for future healthcare is in the process of being unveiled via a new facility that is set to bring enhanced treatment, efficiencies and sustainability.





The Future of Managing Human Resource for Health (HRH) in Africa



Corporate Wellness Trends 2022

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The devoted CEO of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital talks about how they put patients at the forefront of what they do.

Governance and Health Systems Development in East Africa

Developing equity in the capacity of paediatric endocrinology subspecialists worldwide

The prevalence of disorders linked to paediatric endocrinology—including diabetes, obesity, endocrine cancers, and disorders of growth, thyroid function, adrenal glands, and sexual development—is increasing worldwide.

The Impact and Successes of a Paediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Program in Africa

The fellowship is undertaken over an 18-month period: six months of clinical and theoretical training in Kenya