Sirdar’ is the name given to the lead Sherpa on a mountain expedition. Where others view a high mountain as a great challenge or an insurmountable obstacle, the Sirdar sees it as a clear path of opportunity. The Sirdar builds the right team, chooses the correct route and knows when to go for the summit.

We help you overcome your challenges and leverage your strengths. Our integrated board approach is delivered through advisory services, governance, evaluations, assessments, appointments and the continuous up-skilling and education of directors. Sirdar guides a practical, invested approach to create meaningful economic impact. Our Guide, Appoint and Educate solutions make Sirdar the invested boardroom partner in Africa.

We blend best-practice thinking, holistic governance models, governance principles and performance management to expertly guide boards of directors. Our various board diagnostics and evaluations offer a view of where strengths lie and what is holding the board back. We also provide a 12- to an 18-month roadmap for the journey to becoming a high-performance board, thereby delivering impactful and meaningful economic growth.

At Sirdar, we understand the challenges of a boardroom – the people, the engagement, the knowledge and skill, the vision and journey, growth and development, the end result and business growth. From start to finish, we stay a step ahead.

We climb as a team as we walk our clients’ unique board journeys with them, every step of the way. We deliver an invested partnership and honour our promises with skill, experience and support. And as involved global citizens, we care about making impactful growth a reality for people, businesses, society and countries.

We drive awareness regarding what it takes to be a high-performance board and provide in-depth, practical education about the board’s importance and functioning. Our programmes and workshops explore what boards should focus on, what they legally must focus on and what it takes to contribute as a high-performing board member.

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